I would like to have them everywhere

Jette Jensen, Head of Department at the Omme Centret nursing home.

I am a member of the municipality’s Technology Committee and have seen RotoBed® semi-automatic in several living labs and fairs. And I absolutely love it. It has so many benefits for both residents and staff.

It offers such great functions. We have several residents with Parkinson’s, and they would benefit greatly from the bed as the illness causes stiffness in their bodies. They are generally younger and would probably be very good at operating the bed. It would make them self-reliant longer and offer them the independence to get up without having to wait for help.

Right now the RotoBed® is used by Inger who suffers from severe dementia. We couldn’t find a good way to get her out of bed and it was hard both for her and for us. We tried lifting and other solutions but it is difficult when the patient does not cooperate.

I knew that another center in Billund had a demented citizen who was very aggressive when she had to get up or go to bed, and these transitions had turned completely peaceful after she got a RotoBed® semi-automatic. In the long term I could fear the same frustration would occur for Inger. When you force a resident to get out of or into bed it easily ends up being a kind of abuse. This way she relaxes and cooperates. It really is a win-win situation both in terms of time and work environment, and the staff is very enthusiastic.

9 cases with RotoBed® semi-automatic