We are all in a better mood now

Helle Lauridsen, caregiver at the Engbo nursing home in Krogager.

It is quite a different experience now to visit Arne; in terms of both working positions and atmosphere. First, it is much easier to help him out of bed and to put on his socks and underwear. Before Arne had the RotoBed® semiautomatic, one of my colleagues suffered a work injury helping Arne. Back then, we were two caregivers around Arne every morning and evening for 45 minutes, and yet time was short. Now we can do with just one caregiver 20 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening, and it’s not nearly as stressful. Secondly, it is more enjoyable since Arne is in a much better mood now. He used to get angry when the caregiving caused him pain, and naturally he took it out on us. Now he is happy, and so are we.

9 cases with RotoBed® semiautomatic