9 cases with RotoBed® semiautomatic

Inger Pagh, 64 years old. Has great back pain and difficulty to stretch out her legs. Lives at Lind nursing home.

Line Søe Plesner, SSA at Lind Plejecenter.

Arne Matthiesen, 80 years old. Lives with his wife Gurli. Hemiplegic after a blood clot in 2007. Got a RotoBed® six months ago.

Helle Lauridsen, caregiver at the Engbo nursing home in Krogager.

Jette Jensen, Head of Department at the Omme Centret nursing home.

Elly Larsen, 93 years old. Lives at the Teglgårdsparken nursing home in Kolding.

Gitte Clausen, SSA. Transfer- and Technology Supervisor at Plejecenter Teglgårdsparken in Kolding.

Birthe Pedersen, Supervisor in Technology and Working Environment at the Olive Garden nursing home in Kolding.

Else Lauritzen, 78 years old. Staying at the Olive Garden care center in Kolding. Suffers from dementia. Is partially paralyzed after a stroke and has severe shoulder pain.