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We clap our hands every day

Dementia and RotoBed: Birthe Pedersen, Supervisor in Technology and Working Environment at the Olive Garden nursing home in Kolding.

When I saw the RotoBed® care bed, my only thought was: Else. It was so painful for her to get up and go to bed. She has a very sore shoulder, and our pulling her out of bed caused a lot of pain. Her legs are so swollen she cannot lift them up into bed and a lift was about to be necessary. The RotoBed® care bed is just the right height for her to push her bum in the seat, and the remote does the rest.

It is quite amazing what the bed has done for both Else and us. Else suffers from dementia and was very angry and frustrated when she had to be helped up in the morning. But it was necessary since she has diabetes and needs to get up and eat after getting her insulin. She resisted quite violently, and therefore we had to be two or three persons helping her get up.

It makes a huge difference for Else’s morning and evening care. Earlier it required three helpers for 30-45 minutes because she resisted so strongly. Now it takes 10 minutes for one helper to put her to bed with all it implies in terms of support stockings, cream on the legs and so on. It’s just so easy.

In the beginning my colleagues were skeptical and looked at the bed as a strange enemy. But once they tried it, they loved it immediately. Things are much calmer and smoother now that one helper is alone with Else. She sings and smiles as we rotate her up and into bed at night. And we sing too.

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RotoBed Dementia

I really didn’t want to get up

Else Lauritzen, 78 years old. Staying at the Olive Garden care center in Kolding. Suffers from dementia. Is partially paralyzed after a stroke and has severe shoulder pain.

Else: This bed here? Ha, I guess it can be just as good crap as all other crap. I think Birthe is happier about it than I am.

Birthe: Oh well, you’re happy about it too. You sing when we lift your legs with the bed.

Else: Yes, it’s fun to get a ride. I’d like to get a real roller coaster ride up to the ceiling but you won’t let me have it!

Birthe: No, that’s not really possible. But another good thing about it is that your shoulder doesn’t hurt now. And it takes only one person to help you.

Else: Well, I cannot get into my head why there should be three persons to put me to bed. I am no fatter than other people.

Birthe: No, Else, but you were not exactly cooperative.

Else: Oh, that’s what you’re aiming at. That I remember. I really didn’t want to get up.

Birthe: And now you do. Which is why you can do with just one helper.

Else: Yes that is great! And if I could get rid of that last one also, it would just be nice. But I guess I wouldn’t get out of bed then, would I?