RotoBed®Care and RotoBed®Free – Tomorrow’s Care Beds

In RotoBed we aim to deliver the world’s best care beds. With RotoBed®Free and RotoBed®Care we are well underway, and this is not just something we say. Just read the many cases on this website, where citizens, caregivers and managers describe a significant change towards higher quality of life, less pain and better working environment thanks to their Roto beds.

Approved according to the latest European standards, the new generation of RotoBeds will go to a height as low as 32 cm above the floor – and holding a maximum user weight of 190 kg they are suitable for both overweight and tall or small users. Citizens with disorders such as dementia, Parkinson’s and sclerosis may also benefit from a RotoBed®.

With a rotatable RotoBed®, it takes less than one minute from the citizen is lying down, until the citizen is standing up. It saves both time and money when it comes to transfers and, just as important, it makes the user more self-reliant and painless.

We call that good welfare technology – and welfare technology is an important part of future care. Therefore a number of institutes for caregiver educations have taken in RotoBed®Care and RotoBed®Free as part of their program. Because these care beds facilitate transfers, make people more self-reliant and offer staff better work postures.

Award-winning designer

Good design also contributes to quality of life. Behind the RotoBed® care beds harmonious exterior stands award-winning furniture designer Hans Sandgren Jakobsen, who, based on a Scandinavian tradition, focuses on innovation, aesthetics and functionality.

We produce the RotoBed® beds with a strong focus on sustainability and long-term, reusable materials. Also during packaging and transportation we care for the environment by using recycable or compostable materials.

RotoBed® care beds are welfare technology for everyone. A simple and intelligent operation facilitates the lives of both users, relatives and staff. At the same time, RotoBed® has a range of accessories, specially designed for our beds, to further facilitate transfer and care.

RotoBed®Care is a unique nursing bed with semiautomatic rotation. Makes it easier to get in and out of bed. Less pain and higher quality of life for users, better work postures for staff.

RotoBed®Free is a unique nursing bed with fullautomatic rotation. Helps users to get selfreliant and independent.

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RotoBed® delivers the unique rotating beds RotoBed®Care and RotoBed®Free for large parts of the world.

We value high quality and service and we have extensive experience in tailoring welfare technology solutions for municipalities, institutions and individuals.

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